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The Legion’s hundreds of blighted archers are commanded by deacons who once led entire shards. At their signal, archers aim for the most vulnerable targets and cripple or maim what they cannot slay outright. Young arrow porters allow the archers to fire endlessly without breaking their killing rhythm and provide poisoned arrows to slay the most crucial targets.

The Blighted Archer Officer and Ammo Porter come one each per blister (PIP 73030). A player may field one Blighted Archer Officer and Ammo Porter for each warlock in his army. A unit of Blighted Archers (PIP 73009) is required to field the Blighted Archer Officer and Ammo Porter.

You can read more about the Blighted Archers Archer & Ammo Porter in the recently released HORDES: Evolution expansion for the award winning game of Monstrous Miniatures Combat.

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