Cash n Guns 2nd

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In an abandoned warehouse, a band of gangsters is splitting their latest haul, but they can’t come to an agreement on the split. It’s time to let the guns do the talking, and soon everyone is aiming at everyone… The richest surviving gangster wins the game!

CA$H’n GUN$ will make you relive the best scenes of your favorite gangster movies. This box includes the initiation game, the basic rules with the ‘Super Powers’ and the ‘A cop in the Mafia’ advanced rules. Fun, bluff and tough negotiations lie ahead, but will you dare to play? It’s lethally fun!

Differences between the first and second editions
The second edition accommodates up to eight players, instead of topping out at six.
“Bang! Bang! Bang!” cards, which act faster than “Bang!”s, have been removed.
The players’ special power cards are different.
One player is the Boss, running the round and having immunity from one threat.
Instead of just being cash, loot now consists of cash, diamonds, art, and other items, with players choosing them round-robin fashion starting with the Boss, instead of splitting the money evenly.
Elimination of coward tokens.
Elimination of Undercover cop variant.

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