Castle Merchants

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Players take on the roles of merchants during the Medieval period trying to sell their wares to the various castles in the land. Each castle has certain goods they are interested in obtaining, and the first merchants to visit a castle receive a better profit for their goods than the late comers.

Driving their horse carts around the countryside, the merchants have to navigate different paths as the landscape changes during their journey. It will be up to each merchant to decide the best course of action and path to take.

One thing they all have to be wary of traveling these paths is unstable regions where a rock slide can make a path impassable. Odds are they will need to navigate back to the warehouse and refill their cart with goods before the days work is through.

The first merchant that manages to fill their purse with 18 gold pieces wins the game!

2-4 spelare
45 minuter
10 år och uppåt

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