Deadwalkers Zombies

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The Zombies boxed set contains twenty (20) plastic Zombies. All models are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Zombies are corpses brought back from the dead by foul necromancy. Their necromantic overlords drive them into battle in their thousands, using them to exhaust the armies of their enemies. Zombies are poor fighters, but they never give up and will push against their enemies in a huge engulfing mass.

The flesh of a Zombie is rank, blotched with rot and riven with maggots and worms. Their skin hangs from their bodies in strips, revealing unbeating hearts and veins through which no blood flows. Terrible balefires burn in their putrefying eyes and they are gripped by an urge to kill and devour all living things. Some Zombies are decayed and rotten to the point where they are little more than skeletons, while others bear a terrifying resemblance to the recently deceased.

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