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Diplomacy is a truly classic game of skill.
As one of the seven major European powers, your aim is to make alliances with other nations, and negotiate your way to victory. However, your allies will quickly become your enemies, and your enemies will join forces to defeat you. There are no dice and there is no luck. Only by secret treaties and broken promises will you succeed.

The Ultimate strategy game of pure skill

Conquer Europe by Grand Army and Battle Fleet

Double dealing, Deception and Danger dog every move

Simple rules – fiendish game play

Secret Treaties, Broken Promises, Shattered Nations – all yours yo exploit on your way to Victory

Famous throughout the World

National European and World Championships held every year

Join the World of Diplomacy – Clubs, Meetings, Conventions, Magazines, Postal Play – details inside

2-7 players
Age 12+
3 hrs+


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