CEOs and Corporations Disaster Looms!

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The Earth is probably doomed, and rumors and speculation runs rampant. News headlines from across the globe stir the populace to desperation. The race to escape Earth has begun. With the world’s nations in decline, the shareholders turn to you and your massive corporation to take advantage of this opportunity, and ensure their safe retirement. You are humanity’s last hope. Take the reins as CEO and venture out into space. Colonize profitable worlds, ensure brand loyalty among your customers, and save the human race.

About the Game
Disaster Looms! is a 2-4 player space exploration and colonization game, where each player takes on the role of the CEO of a massive global corporation in order to save humanity (and pad their own bank account). The game features a random, player-built map every game, a unique technology system, and gameplay designed to keep every player engaged and focused.

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