Dive! Diver! Die!

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D3 is a treasure diving game of sneaky planning, risk-taking and mayhem fun. The game is played over 4 nerve-wrecking diving expeditions.

For each expedition, players have to plan the amount of oxygen they want to share, the depth they want to dive to, and the duration they will spend scavenging for treasure. The deeper the player dives, the more treasure the player can scavenge, but the more perilous the expedition. As each player descends into the dark murky waters, they will have to watch out for nasty sharks, earthquakes and worst of all, the other Divers!

As the dive unfolds and the oxygen drains away with every gasping breath, will you remain as just another Lara Croft wannabe, or will you return with rich sunken treasures and maybe even the fabled Lost Jewel of Zakarra? It is all in your hands, or fins.

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