Freebooter Heavy Warjack

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Freebooters barrel across heaving decks to obliterate anything in their path. A favorite of sea captains everywhere, the Freebooter has undergone a number of mechanical alterations to turn this former laborjack to military use, and it takes to brawling with frightening enthusiasm. Many crews graft a jury-rigged arcane turbine to the engine that allows warcasters to shred a few gears for a quick surge of speed.

This box contains all the parts necessary to assemble a single Freebooter Heavy Warjack. The Freebooter is available to any mercenary warcaster or ‘jack marshal. A player may include a unlimited number of Freebooter Heavy Warjacks for every mercenary warcaster in his army.

This box contains 1 Freebooter Heavy Warjack and 1 Color Unit Stat Card

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