Galaxy Trucker The Big Expansion

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Are you an experienced trucker looking for more challenge and advanced technologies? Are you a player looking for more control and interaction? Are you a fifth wheel that didn’t get to play? Or do you just want more fun and destruction?
Then this expansion is for you. It consists of several parts that can be used separately or in combination to enhance your flights across the galaxy.

New Technology
Ship building components with new and hitherto unheard of technology, as well as figures and specialization cards for a new alien species. Fifth Wheel
Pieces and rules for 5-player games.
New Ship Classes
Boards and special rules for ships of Class IA and IIA.
Evil Machinations
New adventure cards that players put into the deck themselves to keep things interesting for their fellow truckers.
Rough Roads
Brutal cards that can turn your transgalactic pleasure cruise into a trip through Hell.
Bonus cards
A few special adventure cards to spice up the original set.

7 two-sided ship boards
6 bonus adventure cards
24 evil machination cards
25 rough road cards
5 alien specialization cards
20 cosmic credit pieces
12 loan tokens
42 space ship components
1 numbered tile
14 plastic astronaut figures
7 plastic alien figures
2 plastic rocket markers
6 battery tokens
8 goods blocks in 4 colors
1 rulebook

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