Kell Bailoch

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The unscrupulous assassin called Kell Bailoch is infamous across all of the Iron Kingdoms. Yet few claim to know the man and fewer still can claim to actually know what he looks like. In certain notorious circles, Bailoch is known as the man to call upon when you want someone eliminated, provided you have the coin.

A former Cygnaran rifleman and mercenary, Bailoch was once a member of the Talon Mercenary Company until such point as it was dissolved by the Cygnaran throne at the behest of the nation’s military, and the remaining members of that company are the only people he calls friends. It is this network of associates that helps keep his enigmatic identity intact. Bailoch is always on the move, traveling from site-to-site and city-to-city, usually settling in one place for no more than a few days.

When Bailoch visits Corvis, the City of Ghosts, his friends Dando “the Bull” Kildair and Gajan–both former Talons–allow him to find sanctuary in the Falling Star’s secret meeting room. Another ex-Talon and owner of Bodak’s Blades, Hamil Bodak, sometimes allows the assassin to stay in one of the back rooms of one of his equipment shops.

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