Munchkin Gloom

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Boxed version: 110 transparent, poker-sized playing cards and a rulesheet.

Love Gloom? Did you know the cheerful world of Munchkin can also be sad and benighted? A place where those very same munchkins are all too often backstabbed by buddies, dined on by dragons, and discovered by doom ducks. In Munchkin Gloom, heroes delve too deep, plummet down pits, and lose their loot. And that’s before they die.

Clear plastic cards portray the munchkins and detail their mishaps. When stacked, the cards reveal or cover up the effects of the cards below. To win, you must shepherd your party through terrible travails and troublesome tribulations until – inevitably – they perish in pain.

2-5 players
Ages 13+
60 minutes May the Most Miserable Party Win!

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