Quest for El Dorado – Dangers & Muisca (Nordic + EN)

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Deep in the dense jungles of South America lies El Dorado, the city of gold. Unlimited treasure waits in this lost kingdom. You are a group of daring adventurers who embark on a search for the lost city. As you advance deeper into the unknown, you encounter new rivers and coastlines, high mountains and dangerous passes, and treacherous swamps full of hungry crocodiles.

But you also discover various shrines with precious artifacts that will enable you to successfully enter the gate to the lost city. You also meet the Muisca, a friendly local tribe, who help you find your way to the legendary gold.

Whoever reaches the golden city first wins the game and claims all the treasure.

This box contains two modules, which can be played separately or together.

Dangers adds a variety of new features which can be used individually or collectively to add more variety and further challenges to the routes of the base game.

Muisca adds cards and cave tokens to the game to help the players on their quest. The expansion can only be played in combination with the base game “The Quest for El Dorado”

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