Ricochet Robots

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Four robots move in a warehouse. As they have no brakes, they must rely on obstacles such as walls and other robots to to stop. Once stopped, they use nozzles to move in a direction away from that obstacle, allowing them to ldblquote turnrdblquote . From time to time, they receive a request to move to one of the 17 targets in the warehouse and they rely on the players to provide them with instructions to move to the targets. Each turn, a player draws a chip to determine the next target and the robot that mus t reach it. The players search for the shortest moves to the target, using one or more of the robots. The player who finds the shortest route receives the chip as a reward. The player who takes the most chips, is the winner! Any number may play this game, making it a great party game, “If you love puzzles, sci-fi B movies, or just plain off-the-wall humor, this game’ s for you!” – Robin H. King, Games Magazine

Author: Alex Randolph, Players: 2+ aged 10 and up, Length: 45-60 minutes

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