Tales of the Arabian Nights

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This is a true adventure game where your character is swept up in the wondrous tales of the Arabian Nights. You go around the ancient world encountering efreets, wizards, princes, hags, viziers, etc. finding treasures like the Flying Carpet, Magic Lamp, Brass Trumpet, and visit wondrous places like the Cave of Wonders, The Lake of Colors, etc. Each encounter has a special a paragraph which is read and determines your reward – or punishment. And if you have the right skills, the rewards can be great. This truly unique game is a remake of the classic 80s game from West End Games. We have done a graphical facelift, streamlined the rules and added 1000+ paragraphs. Comes with 6 figures, board, Book of Tales, counters, encounter cards, treasure cards, quest cards, rules.

2-6 players, 12+, 120+ minutes

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