The Blood of Kings

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Her forces chewed through the vanguard of the Storm Knight column with admirable speed, attacked as they were on both sides. Colonel Lynn Hawkins joined battle personally, drawing her Thurian hammer and swinging at a passing Storm Lance to topple him from his steed, which galloped on. The man’s wind was knocked from him with a loud exhalation of breath. Before he could scramble to his feet, she speared his neck with the sharpened point atop her weapon.

Several knights on foot charged her, and she and her steam-powered Defender warjacks met them as an unmovable wall of steel. Her power field shimmered and lit the air around her as it deflected harm away. Her Defenders swung their weighty shock hammers and annihilated knights, throwing them yards away as broken corpses. The plated armor worn by Storm Knights was well made but was intended to protect them from glancing rifle fire, explosive shrapnel, or the blades of human opponents—not direct hits from a six-ton warjack.

Her own riflemen advanced behind her in lines, firing on soldiers and knights that were not yet engaged in melee, covering her position. A number of knights loyal to King Vinter IV escorted her, ready to intercept their opposing counterparts. They shouted insults at the nearest Storm Knights, some of whom they recognized. There had long been animosity between the older knightly orders and the Storm Knights. Hawkins cared little for such grudges, nor did she feel sympathy for any in the ruling class, whether on her side or the enemy’s. Still, she was glad to have armored soldiers at her side. The Fourth Army had never boasted many knights, having only inherited those that were dishonored, like she was.

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