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This expansion to the The Duke core game, adds a little literary flair, while also changing the winning conditions of the game. However, with this expansion the actual Duke tiles are replaced by the opposing characters of Robin Hood and Prince John. It introduces seven characters taken from the Robin Hood literary universe.

1. Robin Hood
2. Little John
3. Maid Marion
4. Friar Tuck
5. Prince John
6. Sheriff
7. Sir Guy

This expansion does make some modifications to the starting tile set, including the creation of asymmetrical opposing forces. It also provides one alternate playing scenario for the game using the expansion tiles.

When using The Duke: Robin Hood Expansion you replace the following tiles in the core game:

Robin Hood = Light Stained Duke
Little John = Light Stained Assassin
Maid Marion = Light Stained Ranger
Friar Tuck = Light Stained Pikeman
Prince John = Dark Stained Duke
Sheriff = Dark Stained Champion
Sir Guy = Dark Stained Duchess

The rulebook for this expansion provides one alternate playing scenario to incorporate these tiles into the game. This alternate playing scenario changes the winning conditions of the game.

1. To win the Prince John player must capture Robin Hood.

2. To win the Robin Hood player must capture Prince John, The Sheriff, and Sir Guy, assuming all of them are in play. Otherwise the Robin Hood player must capture any and all of those that are in play, which may end up only being starting tile of Price John.

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