The Lord of the Rings – Journeys in Middle-earth Gamemat

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Your journeys could take you across the length and breadth of Middle-earth, from the northern wastes of Forodwaith to the deepest south of Harad. Whether you’re walking among the ancient kingdoms of Arnor, greeting the Horse-lords of the Riddermark, sailing the Bay of Belfalas, or approaching the city of Dale beneath the Lonely Mountain, the Middle-earth Gamemat offers a beautifully detailed map of Middle-earth, picking out forests, rivers, mountain ranges, countries, and key locations.

Your games of Journeys in Middle-earth may see you roaming Middle-earth on the journey map, employing double-sided tiles to build out a larger region for your adventure to take place. Or, for a more tactical or combat-oriented adventure, you may turn to the battle map, zooming in on a tiny piece of Middle-earth, such as a ruined fort overrun by the forces of Mordor. No matter which map you’re using, the Middle-earth Gamemat offers a secure foundation as a slip-resistant, 3’ x 3’ rubber mat that’s perfect for your unfolding adventures.

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