War of the Ring – Battles of the Third Age (expansion)

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The first expansion to the best-selling War of the Ring (First Edition) game makes the greatest strategy game created from The Lord of the Rings even greater, with more figures, exciting additions to the rules, and a complete companion game which enables you to re-fight the most popular siege battles at the end of the Third Age!

War of the Ring – Battles of the Third Age introduces new armies and figures, including the Ents, Dunlendings, Siege Towers, Catapults, Corsairs, Southron Cavalry, and more! Galadriel and the Balrog take the field, with brand-new rules and new strategies.

You will have a chance to add these new figures to make your War of the Ring battles even more fun … and to re-fight the battles of Helm’s Deep and Minas Tirith on a new gameboard, with new rules which move the game from the grand-strategy to the tactical scale and add a whole new dimension to War of the Ring!

2-4 Players
180 Min
Age: 12+

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