Zombies!!! 11 – Death Inc

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Remember when you just THOUGHT everyone you work with was a…ZOMBIE!

Well, as it turns out, you were right.

The CEO is now the ZEO. Your coworkers now moan in addition to the aimless shambling. Suddenly, the receptionist is very interested in you. And the lunch room… Let’s just say, you don’t want what everyone else is having!

Zombies!!! 11: Death Inc. simulates what would happen if you went to work one day and discovered that all your coworkers really were zombies! Of course, you being the “brown-noser” that you are, you decide that rescuing the surviving board members just might help your career. Unfortunately, you aren’t the only one with this idea.

26 Map Tiles
30 Card Event Deck
8 “Pulling Strings” Cards
6 Plastic Shotgun Guys (pawns)
Red Heart Tokens (Also called “Life Tokens.”)
Black Bullet Tokens
2 Dice
8 Director Tokens
1 Zombie CEO (ZCEO) Token
100 Plastic “Office Worker” Zombie Figures!!!

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