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With MicroMacro: Crime City 3 – All In, players can venture into the next district of the crime-ridden black and white metropolis Crime City.

On a new, huge city map, which seamlessly connects to the previous maps, 16 tricky criminal cases are again waiting to be solved by one to four amateur detectives. These are brand new stories, more ingenious and devious than ever before! Players need to determine motives, find evidence and convict the perpetrators.

An attentive eye is just as important as creative deduction skills in order to unravel everything on the 75 x 110 cm game board. A magnifying glass is included in the game as a little help to find all the details and the individual cases are again marked with symbols so that parents can decide which cases the youngest investigators are allowed to research and uncover.

MicroMacro: Crime City 3 – All In is a stand-alone game, no previous knowledge from the other two MicroMacro games is required.

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